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CRT tastes newly see inaccessibly: Patriot 788HD shines high
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As a result of the LCD step by step move upon, plus the depression of the market, small make up a feeling to already very long period of time does not have the new information of what CRT. Do not pass to major user word, 17 Cun Chunping CRT still are the rightest choice. At present Suo Ni 21 inches the following special Li Long canal already proclaimed stop production, accordingly to in high quality CRT, diamond Long perhaps is our only alternative.

Patriot rolled out to taste monitor of diamond Long M2 newly again recently, attract above all small making up is it only 1399 yuan low price. This 788HD uses kinescope of diamond Long M2, highest resolution 1600x1200, line frequency 86KHz, bandwidth 160MHz, passed TCO99 attestation. In addition the Gao Liang that this monitor still achieved 450 lumen spends expression, the product has text, network, game, TV4 brightness mode, this also is the function with more popular nowadays.

Although performance data does not calculate very outstanding, low nevertheless price also is a biggish sells a site, combinative diamond Long provides good indication quality, still should be worth a product of the consideration, after all 1399 yuan of prices that are equivalent to a 17 very little CRT that use common pure smooth kinescope only. And to 17 inches of monitor character, the resolution that 160MHz bandwidth place offers and refresh rate are enough also and contented the use of domestic user, and the application that function of its Gao Liang also suits recreational side quite. Small make up a feeling those original plans are bought common the user of 17 Cun Chunping monitor, might as well now consider this cheap and property performance still calculates pretty good Long canal.

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