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Year is gigantic display! 35 CRT monitor exceeds ideal big recruit
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This year monitor of the LCD in a year depreciates, had made the central point that everybody pays close attention to, very few someone pays close attention to CRT video market again. The face dies to price of 19 inches of LCD dish, drop to minimum price of 2999 yuan of histories from thousands of yuan perch, depreciate considerably to 15 inches of LCD, the price forces continuously 1500 yuan of price. The surviving space of 17 inches of CRT is gotten by embezzlement it seems that a remnant very few, the position that price also was squelched 1000 yuan are controlled.

Common saying says “ day wants to rain, the woman wants the ” that marry a person. Calculate 15 inches of present LCD how to depreciate again, return petty gain impossibly also than CRT. And the price with 19 inches of uptodate LCD still is not to install machine user to be able to be accepted commonly, compare sensitive friend to the price of LCD at present accordingly, believe or can choose CRT, it is absolutely mainstream of consumption with 17 Cun Chunping CRT again among them. Although go up in product technology,say CRT so life of put up with, but its market vitality is very exuberant still however.

19 inches in high-end LCD price dies dish

We once bold forecast spend the New Year inside 15 inches of LCD will gain ground, and 19 inches of CRT also will replace predominate of 17 inches of CRT at the same time. But when to end of the year, we see not be however such. Although 19 inches of CRT also have depreciate, but the price that the cheapest price still wanders in near 2000 yuan. Although 15 inches of LCD compress in the 19 prices with 17 inches of LCD,fall, fell 1600 yuan of right-and-left prices, but sure because produce moral character,can rival with photograph of 17 inches of CRT, and can inspect limits even little a few smaller, not be to be worth proceed with very much so.

17 inches of NEC FE771SB, CRT still are the mainstream

Hypothesis, it is 15 inches of LCD to be able to achieve as same as coexist of 17 inches of CRT price on the price, still meet some friends to aux would rather go buying CRT. Because early days assaults,the market, race to control divides frontal LCD, on product function affirmation cannot be achieved, and these brands also are not hit can be product of manufacturer of a gleam of, also assure somewhat hard on character.

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