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CRT is culminating and counteractive 12 2000 yuan 19 inches of monitor
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Although at present the price of the LCD on the market already successively “ retreats in defeat ” , but compare at CRT monitor, general is ubiquitous 17 inches of LCDs of 2500 yuan of above still fail to let average consumer be accepted easily. Of course, the market 17 inches of LCDs that go up to also there is no lack of to be controlled 2000 yuan 2500 yuan a few even below, but this kind of monitor can be belonged to only in cheap product, in the essence of indication picture, charge for the making of sth. quality of fineness, product waits a respect a moment may not can still consumer is satisfactory. Accordingly, ” of not little “ a man of insight selected same price, but the monitor of big screen CRT with opposite more mature, more high-powered technology. What I introduce for everybody today is the price in 2000±200 yuan the monitor of 19 inches of CRT of price less than.

Why should select this one price? The reason basically has 3: It is medium firstly cheap the price space of lowest of 17 inches of LCDs is in this interval less than, accordingly, we choose monitor of big screen CRT to be able to remove contrast to consult for everybody on this price action; Because this price basically is the flower that domestic user and partial commerce user can accept,be secondly the price on CRT monitor, if again if upgrade is carried, they may choose a liquid crystal display; Thirdly, the editor appoints this, ah.

Claver says less, the author goes up to the market according to this price interval and upgrade collect bout, baconian have the following 12 are in 2000±200 yuan the monitor of 19 inches of CRT of price. These have our familiar international brand among monitor, also a few our contacts must compare little monitor brand. Before choosing a video, does the monitor that believes each sure meeting to be chosen to equipment first have the knowledge on a few parameter? Be at ease, the author had helped you complete this one step, see next tables please:

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